Earnest Publications has been creating indexes since 1986.  We introduced the Reader's and Writer's Thesaurus in paperback, which was indexed by means of custom programming sort tools.  The Reader's and Writer's Thesaurus was the first Thesaurus of symbol-concept relationships.  We called it the Metasaurus. Since then we have been developing tools with application in areas of artificial intelligence.

Earnest Publications is preparing the launch of the online version of the Reader's and Writer's Thesaurus.  This particular version will first feature The Reader's and Writer's Thesaurus of Classical Literature.  It will consist of two major sections: the concept-symbol section, and the symbol-concept section.

The concept-symbol-section will  present in alphabetical order abstract concepts, drawn from literature, and to the right of those entries will be tangible symbols. The symbol-concept section will work similarly, but the order will be reversed.  Here the symbol will be listed, with the concepts to the right.  There will be a complete citation of the related works and authors.

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